Neo- Byzantine Icons 
      and Religious Paintings
        Originaly Hand-Made
         Iosif Chezan 
     A beautiful religious icon 
 (hand-made in neo byzantine 
tehnique ), an  orthodox cross 
or  triptych, a unique  art work, 
theological and biblical themes 
          translated into art ... 
 This is what you will find here.

   WIth starring eyes above

 "We,mankind... who measure 
       our moments in Time...

  We, mankind... who bathe in 
     the sweats of the Earth... 

   We,  mankind... we entwist 
  pain   and love, anguish and 
  hope so artfully, so we could 
  easily   attempt  a Divinity  to 
  vesture into our skin, to take 
  our  shape, to  embrace  our 
  fate in death... and  to bleed  

Books where my icons were requested to appear on their covers
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